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France pictures

Driving through France with perfect weather and camping in beautiful locations – I really enjoyed our trip! We basically travelled according to plan. Some days were a bit too busy because of all the beautiful things we saw on the way and would stop for to enjoy it. Several times we were surprised by being [...]

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Video Blog #006: Vacation in France and update

At the end of our nice vacation in France I finally remembered to make a video blog. It would have been cool if I had made one at Mont Saint Michel or the Eiffel Tower, but I’m sure this will do!

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To France we go

Expected ingredients of next week: nice camping weather, fun traveling route, good food and much ‘brother time’. I’m really looking forward to our camping trip! Even though I have gone on some long distance trips I haven’t seen much of my own continent Europe. The fact that I don’t have to do retakes from last [...]

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Giving: a life that was changed

Children’s faces smile at me on the pictures that my Indian friends send me. It brings perspective back in my thoughts. The past year has been extra challenging at times in regards to finances. Recently I cameĀ  to a low point where I was wallowing in self-pity and doubts if I was still on the [...]

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