Building bathrooms in Orissa

For over a year the 34 children that we started to support in Orissa have not had any toilets or decent bathrooms. The field and side of the road were their toilets. A make-shift bathroom consisting of some torn rags around a tree and a stone to stand on in the midst of the mud was hardly able to give them privacy. After a while the cloth could be replaced with bamboo fences, but it was still not sufficient, especially with the girls getting older. We were planning on building some temporary bathrooms. When I visited this Summer we realized that it would be better to build permanent ones, for various reasons. That would exceed the amount of gifts that I had received for the temporary ones, but we all individually felt confirmation that it was good to go ahead and start building with the money we had. We met with a very friendly contractor who gave us a good offer and even wanted to place one wall for free – what a blessing! So it was decided to build six bathrooms, three on the left for the boys, three on the right of a dividing wall for the girls, and a wall at the front for mirrors and maybe water taps.

In September the project started by digging out the soil and making a (gigantic) septic tank, on top of which the bathrooms are built. Everything is growing steadily, in spite of rain season. It is so amazing that after many years we now see things starting to move this year! First the bore well earlier in the Spring, which helped with the problems due to lack of a water source. Now the bathrooms. And soon – hopefully – we hope to improve the ‘kitchen’, currently a mud stove with firewood on which the food is cooked for all. We still need about $875 to finish the bathrooms. So if you like this initiative and you can miss some money: use that PayPall button or send me a check! :)

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