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The year 2012 hasn’t started yet, but in my mind I’m already living in the next year. God encouraged me to set a lot of time apart this week to sit with Him, pray, listen and receive vision for the next year. He helped me a little by clearing out my agenda, somehow almost all appointments this week fell through and my roommate is gone for a few days, leaving me with an empty appartment and plenty of time.

I have to say that it is a good time. It deepens our relationship and He also speaks much about plans for the coming year, which I really wanted direction for. There are so many things going on where His leadership is desperately needed: Forerunner foundation, the projects (it overwhelms me at times to think about the fact that our choices influence the lives of 70 kids + thousands of other people…), moving to Italy and what God has for me there, planning trips for the Summer etc. It is so good to have these weeks to lay a foundation for the new year. And as prayer increases, the answers increase as well, several things became clear in a very short time. I feel so blessed!

When I look back on these past 1,5 years in Utrecht I’m thankful to notice that I’ve grown from surviving to thriving and that it goes well even now that I’m alone for days in a row. Praise the Lord! Last year I daily struggled to have courage to go on, now just a few times a month :)

And now yet another move is coming up. I think it’s the 19th time that I’m moving in 11 years, from the top of my head. January 30th is the expected departure day, when I hope to fly to Italy. First I am following a 3,5 week Italian course at a university in Perugia, a pittoresque city two hours North of Rome by train. Then at the end of February I’m moving to Rome to study management and business economics courses at the private LUISS university, to add to the diet of Utrecht University, which is more focused on general economics. After 1,5 year of mostly general economic courses I’m looking forward to a change. I hope that my idea that I like business economics more turns out to be true.

But even if I don’t like it that much, it is still a great chance to be able to study in another European country and city. Over the past years I have seen some parts of other continents and gained insight in cultures and the dynamics of certain geographic regions, but I don’t know that much about ‘my own’ continent from experience. I have a strong conviction inside that the broad training and growth in wisdom that I am receiving this season in my life are very important for my role in the future. So I’m trying to get the best out of these years by looking around and learning from others as much as possible.

A nice detail is that through a whole series of references and e-mails I found a room in a church in Rome. It is a villa with the ground floor reserved for meetings and a small office. The first and second floor are for guests, but as an exception I got to rent a room for a longer time and for a very reasonable rate. And they allowed me not to pay rent for the months in the Summer that I am not using the room, which really helps in the expenses for the trips that I hope to make during that period.

The coming month I’ll still have some weeks of classes and examinations. Then a quick move (I already packed most of my stuff in my room) before my trek South starts. Hopefully I’ll keep you updated!

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