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The road to Rome

I’m enjoying the Italian sunshine and mild weather while I’m typing this blog as I’m waiting for my bus to Perugia. After a busy month I’m finally on my way to Rome, with a three-week in-between stop in Perugia to follow an Italian language- and culture course at the University for Foreigners. As of today [...]

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Echo or voice

This is a story of imperfection. Or rather, a story of perfecting what is yet imperfect. Of a bumpy road that leads to a golden sky. These past 1,5 years I felt I had not much to say that was worth writing about, apart from factual updates on the many (exciting) things that were happening. [...]

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Newsletter #50 is out!

Three months is a long time to not send a newsletter. So this one is packed with good stuff! Read it here.  

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