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The road to Rome

I’m enjoying the Italian sunshine and mild weather while I’m typing this blog as I’m waiting for my bus to Perugia. After a busy month I’m finally on my way to Rome, with a three-week in-between stop in Perugia to follow an Italian language- and culture course at the University for Foreigners.

As of today a 1.5 year period of living in the Netherlands has ended. A period that wasn’t always easy, but really good. I can see that I’ve grown a lot. I feel so much more connected with my country again as well. Old friendships have been strengthened and new ones developed. It’s a bit surreal to suddenly start living somewhere else again, even more since I haven’t had much time to think about it.

I don’t really know yet what awaits me, but I have much expectation of this coming period. Two weeks ago I was sharing some things that God spoke to me five years ago with a friend. That gave me the idea to go through my old journals again and type out the prophecies and words of knowledge that people have given me over the years. That was so encouraging!

Once I started I wanted to keep going. It was as if I was reading year after year of the story of my life in retrospect – and what a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and leadership that is! Over and over again I read the same themes and words about God’s plans for me, given and confirmed both by friends and total strangers. During these weeks of saying goodbye more words were added to that about this coming time and my role in Italy. I started these 1.5 years feeling I had lost a lot of my vision and fire. Now I come out of it refined, feel refreshed, with new strength and clarity about my calling. Thank You God!

Now that it turned out to be so good I wished I would have the time to go through my other journals of the past years as well. But my suitcase was already at it’s maximum weight with 46 pounds. Then I saw yesterday that KLM allowed me to bring 50 pounds! – so the other journals are now traveling with me and I hope to find some time this month to continue with them.

These weeks in Perugia are a good time for preparation: learning the language, getting to know the culture and the country, and having time to pray, re-read the prophecies and listen to what God is speaking about Rome. But now I first have to find the right bus…

PS: I’ve made it to Perugia. Beautiful city. Couldn’t find the house at first, then no one opened. Then finally a neighbor let me in. Landlord still hasn’t showed up.

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