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First weeks in Perugia

Since we had to cancel our planned trip to Assisi due to last night’s snow, this will be a good moment to share about the last couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the view from my window while typing – this picture on the right will allow you to enjoy it with me :) .

When I arrived in Perugia I wandered for about an hour or so up and down the street where I would be staying. First I was unable to locate the apartment, and when I finally found it, there came no response when I rang the doorbell. I also didn’t happen to have the landlord’s phone number. After trying most neighbour’s finally a sweet old lady opened the door and let me in. The next day the landlord showed up and handed me the keys. All very easygoing…

Since snow and cold came the next day, I was glad having experienced Perugia for a day without. These two weeks have been extremely cold, the coldest since 1985. Still the Italians take good care, the streets are being salted and cleaned. Unfortunately there happens to be not enough gas, so the heater often doesn’t work and the house stays cold. I daily wear two pairs of trousers and the only two sweaters I brought with me, but I do enjoy the beautiful winter views of this beautiful city, even though it makes me stay inside more than I normally would. I have many good hours in my room, since I’m able to spend more time in prayer and listening to God.

Currently we have two Polish girls, one German and two Dutch guys in the house. Except for the other Dutchman we’re all here to follow the language course. I enjoy living together with them. The previous one-and-a-half week we’ve had lessons in Italian every weekday, and we’ve been exploring the city on the days when the weather was better. It’s quite fun to walk to the university through these ancient streets. The walls dating from the Middle Ages are here called “new”, built on ancient Roman and even older Etruscan walls and buildings. Yet still it fits in with the 21st century, old and new is combined nicely. The escalators to the old city for example pass through the foundations and walls of an ancient castle built by the Pope to subdue the rebelling Perugians in the Salt war (which by the way is why bread here is unsalted).

Due to the cold I’ve not been able to see as much of the city and the surrounding region of Umbria as I’d hoped for, but I might get another chance next weekend – which will be my last weekend in Perugia already! My final exam will take place on February 23rd. Hopefully I will pass and get my certificate the next day, and then it’s time to relocate to Rome. So the story continues…

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