Archive | April, 2012

Highlighted: pastor Samuel Kolaka

We’d like to share more about Pastor Samuel Kolaka. You have already received some information about him through the previous newsletter / prayer calendar. Pastor Samuel is a minister of a Kuvi tribe community in the hills of Orissa. He’s a father of five and also an important leader who among other things supervises communities [...]

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Building projects Myanmar

As we mentioned above a large sum has become available to buy land and place a building to house a selfsupporting project in Taungoo, Myanmar. We’ll be able to use the other parts of the property for various ends in the future. Construction has also started on the first small buildings of the Bethel House [...]

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Life in Rome

Life in Rome continues to go its own sweet sunny way. Although I live in this beautiful city it doesn’t mean that I visit tourist attractions daily. But it has turned out to be a period during which my prayer life is growing. Reading my Bible, listening to God, interceding, et cetera, it is great [...]

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