Building projects Myanmar

As we mentioned above a large sum has become available to buy land and place a building to house a selfsupporting project in Taungoo, Myanmar. We’ll be able to use the other parts of the property for various ends in the future. Construction has also started on the first small buildings of the Bethel House of Prayer (BHOP).  

The first building being built for the self-supporting project will provide rooms for those who study in town. Safe and good quality student housing is in great demand. The income from renting out the rooms will pay off the investments made for the building itself and the property. Once the building and land will be free of debt the monthly revenues will be an important method of supporting the foster children and the work of David and those around him.

In the future on that same land another building may be raised to serve various purposes, including an elementary school, children’s club, leadership training and Church meetings.

At the moment we’re looking for a suitable property and contractor. There are many practical decisions to be made and things to be undertaken, so please pray for these.

Recently the work on Bethel House of Prayer has started. David’s enthusiasm stirred other Christians. Someone donated a piece of land on a safe spot outside of the city where it is safe to gather and pray. Together they have cleared the building site of stones and small bushes.  At the moment they have started building the first few small huts where people can stay and pray for a few days. Later another building should be build that has room for greater groups to meet. On the pictures you see the piece of land and those involved asking for a blessing for the area, and the beginning phase of building.


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