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Highlighted: pastor Samuel Kolaka

We’d like to share more about Pastor Samuel Kolaka. You have already received some information about him through the previous newsletter / prayer calendar. Pastor Samuel is a minister of a Kuvi tribe community in the hills of Orissa. He’s a father of five and also an important leader who among other things supervises communities in many villages and assists in Bible translation. He has been a volunteer with the Jena family since 1993! Read here about his life and Gods incredible faithfulness and love throughout his difficult situation.

Last year Pastor Samuel seriously injured his right leg in a motor accident. He received surgery in hospital where they put a metal pin in his leg to help it recover. Since his funds were insufficient at the time he now has a debt with the hospital, and the pin hasn’t been removed yet though this should have happened six months ago. Since the accident also damaged his motor, he has had to walk through the hills from village to village ever since where his leg actually needed to rest.

To make matters worse his wife ran away, a very uncommon situation in India, leaving him with his five children. Last February he also lost his father. In short, this has been an extremely tough year for Pastor Samuel, almost disabling him to do the crucial work he’s doing.

We feel deeply sorry for his situation, touching us and people around us. We made his situation an item on our prayer calendar and we’ve witnessed the results. Prayer is such an incredible gift, and it’s such a blessing that God hears our prayers and acts. Several people donated money specifically for this man. This enabled Pastor Samuel to pay his debts at the hospital and also to have the metal pin removed! The picture says enough about his joy! We’re so glad we’ve been able to be of service to him.


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