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Life in Rome

Life in Rome continues to go its own sweet sunny way. Although I live in this beautiful city it doesn’t mean that I visit tourist attractions daily. But it has turned out to be a period during which my prayer life is growing. Reading my Bible, listening to God, interceding, et cetera, it is great to see that grow after the period in Holland when my prayer life was very weak. My current situation is refreshing and challenging, since being alone demands continually growing in how to be fed by God and how to trust in Him (as does every situation in life!).

I’m doing all right in my studies. The first couple of weeks there wasn’t much to be done but now it’s time to do more. This turned out to be perfect, since I’ve been able to devote a lot of time to Forerunner issues and the upcoming travels of this summer.  Besides, my brother remarried which was a wonderful happening I was glad to be able to attend to, as I spent a long weekend in Holland.

I’m also looking forward to this summer. Next to the India trip I expect to stay in Africa for three weeks to be able to visit friends, houses of prayer and other ministries and to listen and observe as I travel. It’s partly also exploring ideas for a new project for Africa I got involved in and which may demand a lot of my time the coming years. Due to an unexpected financial bonus (I won’t have to pay rent the entire summer!) I’ll be able to return to IHOP afterwards. Ever since last summer this idea began to surface but I didn’t want to raise funds for it, since I considered it a private trip. So now the money has become available anyway!

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