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Itinerary team trip to India

Our preparations for the India trip have advanced significantly! All tickets have been booked, we’ve got a clear schedule, request for visa have been sent and we’ve had three team meetings so far. Of course, there’s still a lot to handle including many practical issues, but things are looking fine.
There’ll be six of us and we’ll be traveling through eastern India, mainly concerning ourselves with prayer and serving our local brothers and sisters.

Our itinerary is tentative, in regards to planning and timing we want to fully commit ourselves to God. This may involve changing our itinerary.

July 7-8 Delhi / Chennai
The entire team will be in India by July 7! Since Johan, Joe and the others will fly to India separately (due to various data/possibilities) we’ll meet in Delhi. From Delhi onwards we’ll immediately take a flight to Chennaa in southern India. In Chennai we’ll stay with a friend of Johan for two days, to rest, prepare and buy Indian clothes.

July 9-11 Tirupati/Tirumala, Andhra Pradesh
We will visit the temple city of Tirumala, one of the world’s largest pilgrim cities, which attracts thirty to forty million people every year seeking forgiving of sins and a new beginning in their lives. We intend to visit the temple and meet with people. Please pray for wisdom and understanding of God’s plan here, and that doors may be opened or stay closed.

July 12-15 Nellore / Kavali, Andhra Pradesh
This is the home of pastor Karuna Sagar and fellow pastor Manoharam. Sagar is a friend of Johan and his work is one of the three main Forerunner projects. Here we’ll focus on prayer by meeting with intercessors, a youth gathering and worship, and maybe a program with the local children.

July 16-24 Rayagada, Orissa 
Our longest stay will be with New Grace Mission in Rayagada, Orissa, which is also supported by Forerunner. Sagar will join us in travel and here we’ll meet the Jena family. During our stay we’ll focus on meeting with leaders, women and the thirty-five children in their home, to encourage them, to be able to give them love and support and to pray and worship together. We will also spend several days in the hills to visit the villages and tell the inhabitants about Jesus. We really long to be a blessing to those we meet, and to see God’s work among all people!

July 25-26 Vijavawada, Andhra Pradesh
We’ll visit a Bible School “nearby” Vijavawada. We’ll have a meeting and be able to pray and worship together, and encourage and inspire each other through the Word of God.

July 27-31 Delhi vs. Mumbai
July 27 the team will split, so we’ll say goodbye after three intense weeks.
- July 28 Johan & Joe will take the train to Mumbai Johan will fly to Africa on July 31, Joe will stay in India for another month.
- The rest of the team will fly to New Delhi on July 27 and be able to visit some tourist attractions (like the Taj Mahal), and be able to rest a while before their flight home on July 30!

We’ll probably have a reunion in the second week of September, to allow us to look back at the intense time we spent together and the precious moments and experiences we shared. ☺

Reading through the itinerary makes me (Joe) really enthusiastic. We’re enormously looking forward to the plans God has in store for us and all the beautiful people we’re about to meet! We want to expect impossible things from Him, and have faith and trust. That we may be a unity as Body of Christ, regardless of differences in cultures and customs. In short: we’re really looking forward to board the plane and journey together – both literally and spiritually, travelling onwards with God.


2 Responses to “Itinerary team trip to India”

  1. On July 2, 2012 at 07:44 Naresh responded with... #

    with only 4 days remaining to make the trip to India, you guys must be restless…some of you might even started to have nightmare of all the excitements and fun that is awaiting you in India…esp. the Cultural shock (except for Johan)!! Yes, God is definitely going to travel with you guys through all the places doing wonders and miracles…it will truly be a remarkable one which you will cherish throughout your life…God bless you…Naresh

    • On July 2, 2012 at 22:44 johan responded with... #

      Thank you dear brother! I sent your message to the team. I really hope next time I will meet you again!