Summer travels 2012 – India, East Africa, IHOP-KC

Year two of my studies has just been completed with some nice grades! And that means that traveling season has started! I am so thankful for how my exams turned out. The past month I had an unusual focus, at times I would study most of a 9-10 hour day at the university. That’s not normal for me! Thanks for all your prayers.

This coming Monday, June 25, I expect to fly back to Holland. I want to take a few days at the Tabernacle of the Nations house of prayer in Amsterdam to pray and meet people, followed by a week in which I will stay with my sister and have time with family and some friends. Other things on the (full) agenda are a number of (team)meetings.

On Friday, July 6, a 2.5 month journey over 4 continents starts. This year it all seemed to come together rather easy, compared to the huge amount of preparations that were needed for last years (huge) trip. I am really looking forward to it this time, unlike last year, although its never easy to live out of your suitcase and not have a place of your own for three months. But I believe many great things are about to happen!

Click on the picture (top right) to see the summary of the itinerary. I would love it if you ‘travel with me’ in prayer! Financial gifts are welcome too, of course.

To be continued!

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