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India 2012: stories from the journey

Early July we left for India with a team of six people, later completed with a seventh friend from India. After a weekend stay with friends in Chennai we spent a few days in Tirupati and Tirumala, an enormous temple site with an immense spiritual influence on India and other countries. We organised prayer walks and prayed in the surrounding villages and woods with other Christians. God gave us a number of prophetic words and symbolic actions which we did, believing this will lead to more breakthrough of light and life in this dark region.

Then we travelled to Nellore and Kavali to visit our friends Sagar and Hephsibah, to pray and speak in church services and other gatherings and to spend time with people. The entire team got quite ill there, resulting in five of us attending the local hospital for a short while.

Friends of us from Tirupati told us this happens frequently after a lot of prayer for (the god of) Tirumala. Many people from outside India sent us mails and messages with Scriptures and impressions all reading: put on your armour, stand strong, break out. We realised that amidst all activities we didn’t spend much time in prayer as a team to purposefully withstand the enemy’s (counter) attacks as we originally had purposed to do. Since that week we worked hard to reserve every morning for worship, prayer and team building, even if that meant we had to cancel other meetings.

We had asked God often to adjust our schedule to his plans, and so He did: having travelled to the Jena family and the children at New Grace, we were informed upon our arrival in Rayagada (Orissa) we were not allowed to visit the Kuvi villages in the hills. There had been a dangerous situation with rebels having kidnapped some foreigners and another involving foreigners attempting to help the tribes in a way that had resulted in a lot of negative public attention. A slight disappointment, but it also confirmed our idea that we should spend our time mostly with the 34 children.  We ran several programs with them, had a wonderful time playing with them and were able to give them much personal attention. It was fantastic to see their happy faces! At the close of our stay we prayed over each child and wrote down the prayers. Johan and Joe were also able to discuss many project related issues with the Jena family. We spend a day with about 60-80 Kuvi ministers who visited Rayagada so we were able to encourage them and pray with them.


After another long journey back south we concluded our itinerary with a day of education about prayer at a local Bible school which was received with much enthusiasm. Looking back it’s wonderful to see how we were able to travel listening, and how God led each part of the journey. Hundreds of people were encouraged and received personal prayer, we discussed projects and plans, we witnessed the fruits of previous journeys in previous years, like spiritual growth, character building, a rise in the number of faithful believers in the places we (re)visited. We were thus able to depart with hearts full of thanksgiving.

Four team members spend the final days of the journey in and around Delhi, while Joe and Johan travelled to Mumbai. Joe spend another month in India to visit several ministries and missionaries, while Johan flew from Mumbai to Africa.

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