Archive | November, 2012

Finishing boarding building Myanmar

In May and June, David Lawma and many church members worked very hard in order to finish the building in Taungoo that will be used as rooms to rent for students. They were able to finish the foundation, the construction, the roof and the walls, but because of lack of the last 10% of the [...]

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First building Bethel House of Prayer (Myanmar)

In April we wrote about how David Lawma and other believers in Taungoo wanted to build a house of prayer at a piece of land that David’s grandmother owns. Together they have collected money and build a simple bamboo building in which about twenty people can gather. In the meantime they have already had many [...]

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Update Andhra Pradesh (India)

With a sponsored projector, Sagar showed a movie in his church in Kavali about William Carey. A lot of people came to watch the movie, and Sagar has the impression that the church members are more and more aware of the importance of missionary work. It is his desire that this grows more in the [...]

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