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Finishing boarding building Myanmar

In May and June, David Lawma and many church members worked very hard in order to finish the building in Taungoo that will be used as rooms to rent for students. They were able to finish the foundation, the construction, the roof and the walls, but because of lack of the last 10% of the needed budget, the work didn’t develop any further for two months.

In that period the students of the new school year arrived. It was a pity that we ‘missed’ this group of students, but we know that God’s timing is always better. At the end of September a couple decided to do a second investment in the project, with which we hope to finish everything. Currently they are working hard in order to finish the floors, doors & windows, electric wiring and to build beds. We hope to finish the building this month so that we can still rent out the rooms to some students, and possibly start with English classes in other rooms.

We are very curious how this project will continue to develop. The plan is that the rent paid for the rooms will pay back the investment of the purchase of the land, as well as the construction of the building. The main part of the land is still available after the construction of this building, and can directly be used for training and equipping people, and all other kinds of (future) activities. The building that will be rented out could also be used for this in the future. We hope that good relationships will be established with the students, so that they will get to know Jesus during their studies, and that they will grow in following Him through this community.

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