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Update Andhra Pradesh (India)

With a sponsored projector, Sagar showed a movie in his church in Kavali about William Carey. A lot of people came to watch the movie, and Sagar has the impression that the church members are more and more aware of the importance of missionary work. It is his desire that this grows more in the church, and that they will focus on this more also in their works. Also he hopes to have prayer meetings in future, specifically focused on missionary work. At the moment, every Monday several church members go to the villages nearby Kavali in order to share the gospel with them.

Behind the church in Chintoop there is a piece of land that is owned by many different local families. For several years already Sagar’s family and pastor. Manoharam have tried to negotiate with several owners. This in order to at least buy the part of the land that is located directly next to the church. The desire of Sagar’s family is to build a bigger building instead of the small, current church. In this building, pastor Manoharam and his wife could live, and on the first floor there could be a prayer room where the Sunday service can be held as well. Also, this would create space for the widows that are living in the streets at the moment. The current, small church building is made of cheap materials and is in poor condition.

However, the owners of the piece of land were never willing to sell, or they asked a very unreasonable price. This despite of the fact that nobody else wanted to buy the land because it is situated behind the church and it is only reachable via the church or via the land of the neighbor.

As of past summer the negotiations seem to develop further again though. Sagar’s father is trying to buy the first piece of land now, this is a communal property of 20 people (!) that all have to agree with the sale. If this happens, the owners of the other pieces of land will probably follow as well. Last year it was possible to raise some funds for this; we hope this is sufficient for this first step.


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