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Viva Assessment New Grace Mission

For several years the Jena family from Rayagada have spent every day helping the 34 children living with them. The works is being done by family members and some others. It’s amazing how much effort these people show, day in day out! No off days, no holidays, no financial benefits as would have been the [...]

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Forerunner evenings 2013

During our first meeting in 2013 we’ve prayed to God for his guidance, but have also looked forward. Ever since Forerunner started in 2009 a core group has been supporting the projects. Many of these people have been supporting Johan’s work for years, while others have joined afresh. We’ve met many of these during the [...]

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Africa travels: Myrrh Seed Journey 2013

There have been many developments in the past one-and-a-half year regarding Africa. Last year I had the strong impression I wouldn’t visit India or Myanmar in 2013, but Africa again. It turns out to be so. I expect to travel to South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and DR Congo this summer for about a month. [...]

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