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Africa travels: Myrrh Seed Journey 2013

There have been many developments in the past one-and-a-half year regarding Africa. Last year I had the strong impression I wouldn’t visit India or Myanmar in 2013, but Africa again. It turns out to be so. I expect to travel to South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and DR Congo this summer for about a month. It may also be preparation for my future post-study activities.

One of the team leaders of the Exodus Cry journey to southern Africa in 2010 was Sebabatso Manoeli from Lesotho. About a year ago she contacted me, exactly one day before my I had planned to spend several days in prayer to hear God on His plans for my graduation and post-study activities. During our conversation it felt like many dreams and plans and things I had learned over the year started to come together. It was amazing. Ever since that day I prayed and planned for Africa with Sabi and several other people from various countries on a weekly base through Skype. I already knew then that I would spend that summer in eastern Africa, which turned out to become a sort of preparatory journey for the greater plans God seemed to have for the future. This past year he spoke more things, about which I’ll tell you more when the time is right.

Years ago God spoke multiple words to Sabi surrounding the name “Myrrh Seed”. One of the first steps in the unravelling of His plans will be the upcoming summer journey to eastern and central Africa (South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ruanda, DR Congo) with a small group of people. This is a prayer journey, aimed at seeking God for keys for reformation, revival and justice in Africa and the countries and regions we’re visiting. We will connect with the body of Christ, encouraging, ministering and serving Christians in several places and ignite and record their dreams and stories. Following this I will continue for Burundi and Uganda on my own to (re)visit dear friends and others.

Much more can be said, it’s amazing how many things are confirmed in special ways and connect!

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