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Forerunner evenings 2013

During our first meeting in 2013 we’ve prayed to God for his guidance, but have also looked forward. Ever since Forerunner started in 2009 a core group has been supporting the projects. Many of these people have been supporting Johan’s work for years, while others have joined afresh. We’ve met many of these during the Forerunner evenings, which was very dear to us.

We not only want to keep investing in our current supporters, those we among others meet at the the Forerunner nights, but also to add to our supporter base. We need time to consider which way to take, and that’s why we’ve decided to cancel the advertised Forerunner nights in March awaiting the plan that’ll be developed for this year.

While considering a kind of ‘marketing strategy’ to increase our supporter base we want to stay focused on our mission and vision. The name Forerunner already says: we want to be forerunners for Jesus to prepare people for His coming. We’d like to serve in places and situations were there’s not much service yet, pioneering. We want to go when we experience God’s guidance instead of waiting until things are safe and certain. We want to pave the way for others to follow us and strengthen the works or taking over and expanding. In practice this means we invest in projects were people work as forerunners, i.e. taking others to Jesus and preparing the way for Him.

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