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Viva Assessment New Grace Mission

For several years the Jena family from Rayagada have spent every day helping the 34 children living with them. The works is being done by family members and some others. It’s amazing how much effort these people show, day in day out! No off days, no holidays, no financial benefits as would have been the case had they lived in the Netherlands. They have a vision for these children some of whom still have parents, but no home to stay for now. Together with the Jena family we’ve decided to try to consult Viva Network India. Now, about half a year later, this is becoming possible due to a donation given towards this goal.

Viva Network is a worldwide Christian ministry supporting and cooperating with people to help vulnerable children. Their goal is to help these children building their future by providing for healthy conditions and support. They are also actively involved in India and they can provide advice for the Jena family based upon their own expertise with children, to expand their possibilities. There are hundreds of Kuvi children that cannot get the care and education that the 34 that they have taken into their home receive. We are hoping that not only the living conditions of the 34 children will improve, but that a good plan can be made for the development of the situation of the whole tribe. We’re looking forward to the difference Viva Network’s co-thinking and advice will bring.

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