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Life from the Father

Since September last year Alette and I have joined the house of prayer in Amersfoort. It has been so good to be back in a place of consistent prayer! It feels like my heart is receiving lots of living water again and now, after a period of soaking the dryness, has come back to life! The Word is alive again to me.

07 Guwahati (9)A few months ago someone encouraged us to start meditating on who the Father is by going through the book of John. So we highlighted every verse where the word ‘Father’ occurs and then we simply write that down, pray it, read it, sing it, repeat the phrases and speak them out, and so on. Like chewing on a good piece of meat to get everything tasty and nutritious out of it. And then the next day I sometimes pick up the same verse again and chew on it some more. Some other word or phrase from it, or even the very same part I did the day before. There is often some more tasty goodness left that comes out when you stick with it.

Sometimes one word or a few stick out. Other times its like I experience something of what the verse means by a feeling or image I get in my mind. As if the Lord plays it out in me and it starts coming alive. It amazed me again how simple this is, and how it really works. How He really works through his Word! It as the breakthrough I needed, as the Word had felt dry for years now and I found it often hard to really encounter God and then left the place of prayer still feeling dry and empty.

Today I arrived at John 5:26:

For as the Father has life in himself, so He has granted the Son to have life in himself.

The first phrase stood out to me, so that’s what I focused on. But I couldn’t help but notice over the course of these months that when you meditate on the Father He always brings the Son into it. He’s so proud of Him and loves Him so much that He always brings Him to the foreground!

Anyway, back to ‘the Father has life in himself’. I found myself just becoming so full of the awareness that He is the only being who is completely self-contained, self-sufficient, completely without need of any outside input. He has life and power in himself and even from that gives life and power to a whole universe that was birthed and breathed out of Him. Including me. And not only do I come from Him, but His life, some of it, is in me. His Breath of life made Adam come alive. Even more, now that I have surrendered my life to death to come alive in Him again, He himself has taken up His dwelling place in me. The Breath of God, the Spirit of God, resides in tiny little Johan! This spark of life, this drop of life of the Eternal one that has touched my life is transforming me.

And then I realized: what I, what we are to do is in our turn plant little seedlings from Him, the tree of life, everywhere we go. Put drops of Life everywhere we go. Start little fires with the Sparks from heaven. I am not just doing my job, I am not just starting projects. I am planting little saplings pulled from out of Him, the one who has life in Himself, and so his life is multiplied and spread and transforming the earth.

All of the Kingdom has come forth out of Him, and so everything I get to plant and spread and start with Him, from his heart, means that more of the living Kingdom has come. His Kingdom is not a static thing of buildings and principles, but its alive. It consists of beings, creatures birthed out of the Father, who has life in himself! And it always multiplies and grows and increases, until the earth is once again covered in his glory, his life!

How that brought new fire in my belly to partner with the Lord every day, especially in the projects we are involved in or desiring to start. They are not just goodwill projects, they are sparks of life from the Eternal One, increasing His government and peace where they are planted. May your Kingdom increase on earth, Father!


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