About Johan & Alette

IMG_1954Our vision is to be friends of God and to invite others to know Jesus as He really is – not the caricatures that we as Christians have shown – and to prepare them for His return and coming Kingdom in every area of their lives – head, heart and hands.

Johan writes:

“For a number of years I have explored various religions, but my heart only really came alive when I came to know God personally through Jesus. That happened halfway the 90’s. After that I have wrestled for some years with depression, but He is the hope who brought me through alive.

After studying theology in the Netherlands I lived in Chennai, India for one year, where I studied a selection of courses from a Master in Divinity. During that period I travelled the country for ten weeks and visited local churches and ministries. Later I was send out by the church ‘Jozua’ in Dordrecht, the Netherlands as an intercessory missionary – a missionary with prayer as main focus – to the International House of Prayer (IHOP-KC) in Kansas City, USA, where I lived for four years. Throughout that period I travelled a lot and gained experience in various areas, including training and equipping in India; helping start and lead a three month program for intercessory missionaries (IMI) at Youth with a Mission in Amsterdam; disaster relief work in India after the tsunami and Haiti after the earthquake; working with women who ended up in prostitution due to human trafficking in South Africa and Zimbabwe. These experiences have touched my heart deeply and strengthened my vision.

To prepare myself better for the coming years I started to study Business Economics at Utrecht University in the Netherlands, combined with LUISS university in Rome, Italy. I expected to complete my studies in 2014 with a Masters degree at Rotterdam School of Management (Erasmus University), but due to circumstances I have postponed writing my thesis. I am still connected to Jozua as a missionary. Activities currently include speaking, training and prayer activities in the Netherlands (Gebedshuis Amersfoort) and Europe and projects in other countries, especially India and Myanmar, via Forerunner foundation. This work will most likely experience much growth in the future. After finishing my studies I expect it will become clear how all this will fit together.”

Our income and the projects are fully financed by gifts. If you like the work that we do, would you consider to join in prayer and with financial support? (see page support)