About this site

This site is meant to inform – what is happening in our lives and work – and to inspire – we like to share what we’re excited about, so you can be part of it as well and be involved.

‘The King is coming’ gives direction to what we are living for and what we are sharing here, which is still based on the motto of Johan’s previous website, ‘to live by faith – and not by sight (2Cor. 5:7)

The short version:

The King – God Himself, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. So special, so worthy to get to know them better. Who is the One who loves us so much and is our King? What is on His mind, what are His desires? How can we get to know Him better and build a deep relationship with Him?

The Kingdom – Jesus, the best Leader, is busy with the preparations to establish His Kingdom on earth again. A kingdom in which justice and love rule. Seeking the best for one another. Healing, wholeness. Creativity and entrepreneurship. But there is also a long way to go before it will fully be realized. How can we prepare ourselves for the hard time that is coming before Jesus returns? I want to share how through prayer, missions, entrepreneurship, giving and serving things are changed in this world.


The background story:

The Gospel, the eternal plan of God was not just to save a few people from an earth that cannot be saved. His plan was much bigger. Jesus, God and Man, is personally coming back to cleanse the earth from everything that is not good and to gather His Bride – people that love Him together with all their hearts – from Israel and the nations. His final goal is to live with us in the New Jerusalem on the new earth and to enjoy and love each other forever (Rev. 21,22).

What an incredible future we have!

But it is important that we will be prepared for that time. Jesus will only come back when He is welcomed by Israel and people from all tribes and nations love and worship Him. We’re not there yet! We can see in the world around us that the time is near for His return. We cannot continue to live the way we used to live before.

However, it will be as in the days of Noah when he was building his ark: many people will think that this time of disasters and judgments will not come during their lives and will suddenly be overtaken by it (Matthew 24:37-44)

However, God is good and gracious. Even when we do not want to know, He is preparing His second coming to the earth. Just like John the Baptist, Simeon, Anna and others spoke of Jesus’ first coming and prepared the hearts of people, today God is raising up people to prepare the nations. Jesus is looking for people who want to be His friends. Who want to stand with Him, even when the message is not popular. Ones who are willing to go through years of deserts (dry and hard times) in their lives, knowing that it will let their hearts grow in love, will remove offense about who Jesus is and let trust grow that God will take care of them in all circumstances  – even disasters, persecution, hunger and war.

We see a worldwide increase of night and day prayer. He is setting people as ‘watchmen on the wall’ who watch and listen for what is coming and pray that back to God. They will give Him no rest until all His plans are fulfilled and Jerusalem will be the city of peace, central in the earth, from which Jesus will rule in righteousness and love.

We desire to be such friends of Jesus who consider His opinions to be more important than all opinions of ourselves and others and help prepare the hearts of people for His return and coming Kingdom.