Make Art, Not War

During our time in Congo one day we spend time with what was supposed to be just the children’s choir. After a while, 70 or more children showed up. Amethyst writes: “When a person grows up living in a place that is at war, simple experiences become complex. Moreover, simple experiences are often lost. I [...]

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Aquaponics in Uganda

During last month’s visit to friends in East Uganda we helped them design and build an aquaponics system that both can provide much fresh produce for their family, as well as function as a demonstration and practice system for others to learn and improve for implementation in local contexts. We tried to use as many local [...]

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Travel stories from Asia and Africa!

In our most recent two newsletters we are sharing some stories from our journey through Myanmar, India, Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo. Read them here! To be continued, as we have one more month to go! The links: Newsletter 73 Newsletter 74

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Asia Africa journey 2015

After four years since the last visit to our friends, the children and projects in Myanmar and three to four years for those in India, we believe it is time to go back this fall. In addition, since flying back from India to Amsterdam via Uganda is relatively easy, we see this as the best [...]

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Aquaponics – part IV

In the previous three posts I shared more about our little backyard aquaponics project. The pictures show a lot, although they are written in Dutch (I lost the English translation). In the few months since the last post I’ve learned a few more things. I’ll spread them out over a few categories: The system The [...]

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Aquaponics – deel III

Het is nu eind mei 2015 en het aquaponics systeem loopt goed. Het duurde een paar weken voor de bak gecycled was. De Peterselie en munt werden heel geel en begonnen af te sterven (foto links), maar ze hebben het overleefd en groeien nu heel hard (zie foto rechts). Eerst was de Ph onder 6.5 [...]

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Aquaponics – deel II

Het is nu twee maanden verder en het aquaponics project loopt goed! Maar eerst even een terugblik wat er volgde op de vorige blog. In de dop (die nu de bodem van het groeibed vormt) heb ik een rond gat geboord en daarin een 40 mm pijp gehangen, die eenvoudigweg met een kort stukje 50mm [...]

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Aquaponics – deel I

Tijdens mijn Master in Global Business and Stakeholder Management ben ik steeds meer geïnteresseerd geraakt in aquaponics en soortgelijke duurzame, circulaire initiatieven. Het lijkt me heel leuk en goed om te leren zelf groenten en vis in één systeem te kunnen laten groeien en zo zelfs in een kleine achtertuin een deel van je eigen [...]

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Life from the Father

Since September last year Alette and I have joined the house of prayer in Amersfoort. It has been so good to be back in a place of consistent prayer! It feels like my heart is receiving lots of living water again and now, after a period of soaking the dryness, has come back to life! [...]

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Married and living in the Netherlands

This past year I haven’t written much on this website. In the meantime we have gotten married and for now we live in the Netherlands! Here are the links to the last two newsletters, who explain more about what happened. Newsletter 66 – we are staying in the Netherlands and are about to get married! [...]

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