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Highlighted: pastor Samuel Kolaka

We’d like to share more about Pastor Samuel Kolaka. You have already received some information about him through the previous newsletter / prayer calendar. Pastor Samuel is a minister of a Kuvi tribe community in the hills of Orissa. He’s a father of five and also an important leader who among other things supervises communities [...]

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Newsletter 51

Newsletter 51 has just been released, with more information on our latest prayer initiative.

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Echo or voice

This is a story of imperfection. Or rather, a story of perfecting what is yet imperfect. Of a bumpy road that leads to a golden sky. These past 1,5 years I felt I had not much to say that was worth writing about, apart from factual updates on the many (exciting) things that were happening. [...]

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Newsletter #50 is out!

Three months is a long time to not send a newsletter. So this one is packed with good stuff! Read it here.  

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Forerunner info meeting

Over the past two weeks we had two Forerunner information meetings in two locations in the Netherlands.  We shared about the past year, the transition from living and ministering at IHOP in Kansas City to studying in Utrecht, starting Forerunner foundation, the Summer trip to Asia and the plans to study in Rome, Italy the [...]

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Forerunner website online

The first version of the website for Forerunner foundation is online: However, for practical reasons it will be only in Dutch for now. We are still improving it and adding more information, but this is at least a beginning. We have chosen to highlight three projects with three focal points out of all the [...]

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Building bathrooms in Orissa

For over a year the 34 children that we started to support in Orissa have not had any toilets or decent bathrooms. The field and side of the road were their toilets. A make-shift bathroom consisting of some torn rags around a tree and a stone to stand on in the midst of the mud [...]

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Journeying through Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand

So that was it. One day in Singapore, four days in Malaysia, five days in Cambodia and ten days in Thailand. The transition from the previous 1,5 month of ministry in Myanmar and India was rather big and took a little time, but I was surprised how well this packed schedule went. I felt God [...]

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Stories of a month in India

One month in India has gone by. I arrived on July 18 in Kolkata in the North, now I’m leaving today, August 18, from Chennai in the South.   North India After being in Myanmar I felt some kind of culture shock: the people in Myanmar are so friendly and like to learn, like to [...]

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First week in Myanmar

Mingalaba (hello)! One week in Myanmar has flown by. Arrival went very well – the airport is modern but small, with only a few gates. David and some other friend that I haven’t seen in seven years were waiting for me. So good to meet again! We spend two days in Yangon to catch up [...]

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