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Itinerary team trip to India

Our preparations for the India trip have advanced significantly! All tickets have been booked, we’ve got a clear schedule, request for visa have been sent and we’ve had three team meetings so far. Of course, there’s still a lot to handle including many practical issues, but things are looking fine. There’ll be six of us [...]

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Life in Rome

Life in Rome continues to go its own sweet sunny way. Although I live in this beautiful city it doesn’t mean that I visit tourist attractions daily. But it has turned out to be a period during which my prayer life is growing. Reading my Bible, listening to God, interceding, et cetera, it is great [...]

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First weeks in Perugia

Since we had to cancel our planned trip to Assisi due to last night’s snow, this will be a good moment to share about the last couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the view from my window while typing – this picture on the right will allow you to enjoy it with me . When I [...]

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The road to Rome

I’m enjoying the Italian sunshine and mild weather while I’m typing this blog as I’m waiting for my bus to Perugia. After a busy month I’m finally on my way to Rome, with a three-week in-between stop in Perugia to follow an Italian language- and culture course at the University for Foreigners. As of today [...]

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Italia and other stuff

The year 2012 hasn’t started yet, but in my mind I’m already living in the next year. God encouraged me to set a lot of time apart this week to sit with Him, pray, listen and receive vision for the next year. He helped me a little by clearing out my agenda, somehow almost all [...]

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Journeying through Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and Thailand

So that was it. One day in Singapore, four days in Malaysia, five days in Cambodia and ten days in Thailand. The transition from the previous 1,5 month of ministry in Myanmar and India was rather big and took a little time, but I was surprised how well this packed schedule went. I felt God [...]

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Stories of a month in India

One month in India has gone by. I arrived on July 18 in Kolkata in the North, now I’m leaving today, August 18, from Chennai in the South.   North India After being in Myanmar I felt some kind of culture shock: the people in Myanmar are so friendly and like to learn, like to [...]

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Uploaded India pics & video

I uploaded a selection of the pictures from this past month in India  – from North to South, and especially the visits to the tribal villages. Uploaded another video blog as well. See the page ‘media’.

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First week in Myanmar

Mingalaba (hello)! One week in Myanmar has flown by. Arrival went very well – the airport is modern but small, with only a few gates. David and some other friend that I haven’t seen in seven years were waiting for me. So good to meet again! We spend two days in Yangon to catch up [...]

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Good times in Pattaya & Bangkok (Thailand)

My sixth day on the road: time for some update! So far it has been really good. I have had chances to bless and serve, but have been blessed and served so much myself as well! Right from the beginning I keep getting connected with people as I go, much more than on any previous [...]

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