After Johan lived in India for a year in 2004 he continued to be connected with the work that his Indian and Burmese friends are doing. Later this involvement grew out to supporting other (intercessory) missionaries in other countries. In 2011 Forerunner foundation was started to provide a better foundation for this work.

Currently the work can be divided in three main parts (more information available on the Forerunner website):

1. Supporting (starting) missionaries in pioneering situations

Through Forerunner foundation the work of about twenty missionaries is supported. Some work in houses of prayer and/or poor neighborhoods. Others work and live in houses of prayer in the Red Light district in Amsterdam, the Netherlands; in North Uganda and North- and South India. 

2. Projects

Every year around 85-100 children in India and Myanmar are supported to go to school, and about half of them also are taking into homes and receive food and clothing. This work is also done through Forerunner foundation.

3.Traveling and incidental gifts

Traveling serves to support, to keep overview of projects, to build relationships, to explore by prayer and worship what God’s plans for a region are, to teach, give support, to gain experience or other reasons (as led by the Lord). Team trips can have a specific theme or goal (eg. building a building, training people for a house of prayer, children’s ministry). Teams are a great opportunity for people to gain experience and strengthen the connection of supporters with those that they support.

Over the past years Johan and Alette have made trips of 6 weeks- 2,5 months each to almost forty nations, including India, Myanmar and South-East Asia; Haiti (disaster relief work); South Africa and Zimbabwe (fighting human trafficking and prostitution); the D.R. Congo, central- and East Africa. Johan also worked for four months at the Tabernacle of the Nations house of prayer (YwaM) in the Red Light district in Amsterdam to help start and lead a Nightwatch and a three-month training program for intercessory missionaries.

On certain occasions incidental gifts are given when we sense the Lord is leading us that way and He provides the finances. Some examples: a gift for relief work for the 2008 cyclone in Myanmar when God gave an open door to help; a jeep or motorbike for missionaries; contributions to mission trips.